Seven Reasons to Root Your Android Device

To Root or Not to Root Your Phone, That Is The Question

To root or not to root your Android device? That is the question we’re going to answer in our today’s entry. Android is a popular mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel. Though it’s believed to be an open-sourced system, rooting widens up the functionalities of an Android device.

As you may see, one of the commonest reasons to root your phone is to gain wider access to its functionalities and to graft on new features. And we’ve found out ten major reasons why you should root your device.

What Is Rooting?

Rooting is widely-spoken about. Everyone is describing its benefits, but what rooting is. Putting it simply, the process of rooting allows getting root or admin rights to all functions of mobile operating system. The term derives from the Linux term “root” that means the administrative user.

Unlike iOS devices that are ready to use just out of the box, Android comes out with a wide range of settings which you can adjust. But with rooting, you can alternate not only the average settings, but also the software of the device. This means that you can remove all the pre-installed bloatware such as backup or sponsored apps.

Gaining root access is still a sort of hacking. It may void your manufacturer’s warranty, brick your phone, etc. But again rooting is totally worth due to all the benefits it could bring. And moreover, you can always roll back and unroot your device. Let’s move forward to the benefits of rooting.

Benefits of Android Rooting

There are dozens of benefits as well as reasons to root your Android smartphone. I case you need just a few minor tweaks, it’s better to skip out on rooting. And if you know how to take the best out of a rooted device, then it’s actually worth all the risks you may face. And here are the major benefits of rooting your Android device.

Access to a wider range of more powerful apps

If you have ever visited the Google Play Store, you know that finding a good app is a challenge. But what if you have a wider choice of more powerful and great apps? Sounds like a dream? And it’s the point where rooting is the only way.

Once rooted, you get more access to the brains of your phone, and as a sequence, the apps get greater access as well. Some apps can even change the settings that a carrier, a manufacturer or a Google might not allow an average user to alternate.

For example, Network Spoofer can set up a fake wireless network to find out what the users are sharing or looking for in the Internet. Yeah, it’s a threat to personal privacy, but it’s rather a prank than an illegal act.

But don’t forget about security. Rooted devices are more prone to virus attacks or malware. Download and install the app only from reliable sources. It’s better to stay away from shady sources even if the apps there offer one-of-a-kind functionality.

Uninstall that pesky bloatware

It’s quite a common fact that most of the Android devices come along with lots of manufacturer’s bloatware that cannot be deleted at all. And with a rooted device, you get full control over the applications.

You can delete all the pre-installed applications and free up more space for something truly useful. Even if you are running the latest version of Android 4.1 or later, you can disable the apps, but they will be still present on your device eating up your memory.Rooting is the only way to uninstall those apps and use your memory space to the fullest.

Before deleting the pre-installed apps, make sure that they aren’t required for your device’s work since rooting allows your to delete even the app vital for your phone. Otherwise, your phone may go dead.

Boosting of battery life and speed

Is there anyone who has never wanted to have a larger battery? I bet, there is no one. Once you have deleted the “garbage” apps, your battery life will obviously go up and up. Along with the increased battery life, some apps for rooted devices can speed up the processor frequency.

For example, you can take advantage of a wide range of applications such as SetCPU. Such apps can either level up the speed or slow down the CPU to pile up your battery life. And such apps like Greenify can close the useless applications automatically that will result in improving the performance as well as increasing the battery life.

Get the latest Android updates

Updating the operating system especially Android is a multi-step process involving tons of by-way processes and permissions. So the release of a new update takes some time, and if you are dolling all over to get the latest update, then rooting is right up your street.

As a rule, updates come out with additional features and functionalities that are definitely worth having. All you need is to search the OS update specifically for your device and install it in a few clicks.

Real data backups

With a rooted device, you get access to improved backup and wider restore options. You may say that improved backup isn’t the reason to go for rooting since everything can be synchronized in clouds. Of course, you can use cloud storages for backups, but you are quite limited with the things you can backup.

In case you want to keep everything as it was, you need to root your handheld device. It means that you can keep not only the pictures, music, and contacts, but also backup the data inside the apps.

Use more hardware features

There are tons of features that you can’t use if your phone isn’t rooted but these features shouldn’t stay hidden. You can use the features that no one is even aware of. Did you know that you can not only block the unwanted callers but even pick up those who can call you and who can’t? For example, with Call Master, you can allow calling from the US only, and no one outside its borders can reach you.

In case you are a fan of PlayStation games, you can transform your handheld device into a powerful game controller with the help of Sixaxis Controller. The hidden possibilities of your Android device are endless. Once rooted you can do plenty of things that you have never even thought of.

Improved customization possibilities

Customization is what Android is famous for and be rooting your Android device you will have much more possibilities to customize your phone. You can install custom ROMs (custom firmware) that can completely change the feel and look of your Android device. By far it has nothing in common with official Android versions.

Moreover, you can add new gestures and make the device’s navigation by gestures. You may take advantage of GMD Gesture Control to set up custom gestures. Although with a rooted device, you get more options to alternate themes and use third-party launchers. As a rule, you get the access to the hidden folder with fonts or themes where you can replace them or install some new.

Wrapping Up

As you can see there is a plenty of benefits to rooting your Android phone. With a rooted device, you can do everything you want. Rooting grants unlimited possibilities despite the limits of manufacturers or carries essential for the stable work of a device.

Rooting has several major drawbacks such as voiding the warranty or bricking the phone but rooting offers much more benefits. Even if you root your device, you always have a possibility to get back out of there. Have you got any further questions regarding rooting, please feel free to contact our experts. We’ll gladly assist you with rooting services.