Remote Rooting for Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-i545

Remote Rooting for Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-i545

Remote Rooting for Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-i545

Remote rooting became possible with Safe Root. Now you can root Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon of yours successfully without leaving your home. Our rooting service offers a set of advantages for you. Start enjoying them now!

  • Get your issues resolved by 24/7 customer support
  • Arrange the time for remote rooting
  • Get your device’s productivity increased!
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How does a root Galaxy S4 Verizon with Safe-Root work?

  1. Our technician will get in touch with you via our built-in chat feature.
  2. You can schedule a rooting appointment or have your device rooted immediately.
  3. Our expert will use a remote rooting software to gain access to your computer with your permission. You are always free to revoke his access any time during the process.
  4. You will have to connect your phone to your computer using a functioning USB cable.
  5. The technician will root your device, as well as other root tasks you wish to include. You can request our technician to install custom ROMs and commonly used root apps.
  6. The technician will terminate the connection and your phone will have been rooted successfully.

And there you have it! Your phone has been rooted. To check for yourself, be sure to download an app that checks the root status. Apps like Root Checker, free on the Play Store, are reliable apps that verify if the rooting process was successful.

Is it safe?

Using long-term Android/iOS experience Safe-root team will provide you with professional assistance and guarantee the easiest way to improve your device's performance safely.

Our customers say

Just got rooted my Motorola and finally I can install tons of free full functional apps without annoying ads inside. Personal thanks to George from customer care team. That was brilliant!

I am using my phone a lot, but I was so pissed off of all of the factory restrictions! Why I just not allowed to use MY phone as I need to? But thanks to SefeRoot all these limitations are gone. Great service!

I decided to buy a new phone but didn’t know what model to choose and guys from saferoot answered all my questions. Now I’m going to root my brand new Galaxy S8.

We teach you how you can take control of your phone using a single program

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-i545 had its time in the limelight, but users quickly began to notice a few subtle and not-so-subtle issues with this premier smart phone. Thankfully, rooting has come to replace the usual temporary fixes. At safe-root, we have the solution for you. We will teach you how to root Galaxy S4 sch-i545 with our remote software.

A predecessor to the much talked-about Samsung Galaxy S5, the Samsung S4 Verizon SCH-i545 was released in May of 2013. It featured a super AMOLED touchscreen and protective Gorilla Glass 3, and ran on an operating system of Jelly Bean that could be upgraded until Lollipop. With its 2 GB RAM and quad-core CPU, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon was expected to beat its competitors in terms of performance.

However, several users still experienced common problems (including you, if you’re reading this for a purpose). The Samsung Galaxy S4 was known to have poor battery life, have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues, and would act sluggish even when brand-new.

There have been a variety of temporary fixes for these issues, but none of them can truly address the situation, unlike what rooting can achieve. Rooting gets to the core of your Samsung Galaxy Verizon SCH-i545, getting to the root of the problem.

Remote Rooting for Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-i545


Before you tweak your phone and proceed with the root SCH-i545, it’s important to make some preparations:

  • Step 1) Backup your important files from your Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-i545. This may include photos, call logs, contacts and messages.
  • Step 2) Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging. If you can’t see Developer Options, you can go to Settings -> General -> About Phone -> Common -> Software Info. Click on Software Info around 5 to 8 times to enable USB Debugging.
  • Step 3) Charge your phone to 100%. If not possible, just be sure that you have around 50 to 60% of battery remaining.
  • Step 4) Disable firewall and antivirus as these may block files during the rooting process.


With a rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-i545, you have been welcomed into a world of root apps. Select the app that best suits your smart phone needs, and use them to make the most out of your device. Apps like AdBlock Plus, which can block annoying ads on games, and Dumpster, which helps you store and recover lost files, are applications that have appeared on “Best Root Apps” lists over and over again.