How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Easily

How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Easily

How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Easily

Your smartphone deserves to be treated well. Don’t buy new one – root Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and use its features effectively. Smartphone rooting will be your best decision. Opt for the service and improve your device. Safe Root experts will help you:

  • Try all the benefits of our rooting service
  • Discover the powerful potential of your device
  • Install thousands of unusual apps
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Now, here’s how to root Samsung Galaxy Core Prime using the Safe-Root:

  1. Our technician will get in touch with you via our built-in chat feature.
  2. You can schedule a rooting appointment or have your device rooted immediately.
  3. Our expert will use a remote rooting software to gain access to your computer with your permission. You are always free to revoke his access any time during the process.
  4. You will have to connect your phone to your computer using a functioning USB cable.
  5. The technician will root your device, as well as other root tasks you wish to include. You can request our technician to install custom ROMs and commonly used root apps.
  6. The technician will terminate the connection and your phone will have been rooted successfully.

Is it safe?

Using long-term Android/iOS experience Safe-root team will provide you with professional assistance and guarantee the easiest way to improve your device's performance safely.

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The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime is good, but is it good enough without a root?

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime claims to give you a stunning experience with its ultra-clear display and powerful processor… but, did it really? Chances are, you’ve experienced a couple of problems (why else would you be looking up rooting?) and you need our help. Thankfully, we’re pros when it comes to rooting and we can tell you how to root LG Tribute HD today.

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime was launched in November of 2014, and was a predecessor to the Samsung Galaxy Core 2. The Samsung smart phone was a hit because of its budget-friendly price and decent performance. Boasting a multi-touch screen and 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, the compact smart phone did its job of being a usable, working phone.

But, the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime faced several issues. Many of its users complained that it had an extremely short battery life, was prone to overheating, did not charge properly, had trouble loading several apps, and frequently lagged. Although it redeemed itself with its top-grade hardware, the phone’s internal system was a bit on the downside.

Because of that, many of the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime users have looked for troubleshooting guides online. It should be known that these troubleshooting methods only remedy the situation for a short time, until they resurface again. When nothing else works, it’s best to finally root the phone.

How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Easily


We know you’re excited to root Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1 using Safe-Root’s remote feature, but before you can do that, there are a few things you need to take care of first.

Here are a few things on the prerequisite checklist you need to do:

  • Step 1) Perform a backup for all of your files, including your photos, contacts, application data and etc.
  • Step 2) Make sure that your phone is fully charged, or has at least 50-60% of battery life remaining.
  • Step 3) Enable USB Debugging on your device from the Settings menu. You can find it by going to Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging. If you are unable to find this option, go to Settings -> General -> About Phone -> Common -> Software Info. Tap on Software Info around five to eight times to turn on USB Debugging.
  • Step 4) Disable any antivirus application that you might have installed on your phone. These may block certain files during the rooting procedure.


With a rooted Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, you can now resolve common phone issues such as freezing, poor battery lifespan, overheating, and slow performance. There are several free and paid apps on the Play Store and other resources that can help you make the most out of your rooted device. Tasker (USD 2.99) helps you create automated tasks for your device, and Greenify (Free) allows you to free up your system for improved performance.