How to Root Your LG G3 D855

How to Root Your LG G3 D855

How to Root Your LG G3 D855

Rooting can completely change the way your smartphone works. While some users risk and conduct the process on their own, you have a chance to try professional rooting service now. Safe Root will root LG G3 D855 for you and let you:

  • Enjoy the productivity of your device
  • Try out non-typical apps installed
  • Remove old pre-installed applications
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Here’s how you can root LG G3 D855 with Safe-Root:

  1. Our technician will get in touch with you via our built-in chat feature.
  2. You can schedule a rooting appointment or have your device rooted immediately.
  3. Our expert will use a remote rooting software to gain access to your computer with your permission. You are always free to revoke his access any time during the process.
  4. You will have to connect your phone to your computer using a functioning USB cable.
  5. The technician will root your device, as well as other root tasks you wish to include. You can request our technician to install custom ROMs and commonly used root apps.
  6. The technician will terminate the connection and your phone will have been rooted successfully.

Is it safe?

Using long-term Android/iOS experience Safe-root team will provide you with professional assistance and guarantee the easiest way to improve your device's performance safely.

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I decided to buy a new phone but didn’t know what model to choose and guys from saferoot answered all my questions. Now I’m going to root my brand new Galaxy S8.

We teach you how you can root your phone in a matter of minutes

The LG G3 D855 once impressed us with its wide screen and high resolution, but it still came with a couple of issues that could not be resolved through regular troubleshooting. Here at safe-root, we provide rooting solutions that can make this old phone better than how it came by showing you how to root LG G3 quick and free.

This massive touchscreen smart phone was released by LG in June of 2014. It showed off an impressive 13 MP primary camera with laser autofocus, as well as HD resolution. The LG G3 D855 was a powerhouse when it came to taking photos during its time.

Even though it promised to offer high-end advancements, the LG G3 D855 had a couple of minor problems that users could not ignore. For one, the LG phone often shut down automatically, which posed as a problem especially when users were working on important things. It would also get too hot to touch, the interface would lag, and battery life was not so reliable.

For these reasons, people looked to solve these issues on their own by doing usual troubleshooting such as doing a hard reset. However, that wasn’t enough.

How to Root Your LG G3 D855


Before you root your LG G3 D855, there are some important things you need to take care of to make sure that you have an effective rooting process.

Here are some requirements we’ve identified for rooting LG G3 D855. Your technician may ask you to perform the following steps during the procedure to root LG G3 D855:

  • Step 1) Backup all necessary files on your LG G3 D855. This may include app data, contacts, photos and etc.
  • Step 2) Make sure that your phone has been fully charged, or has at least 85% of battery life.
  • Step 3) Enable USB Debugging on your device. You can do this by navigating to Apps -> Settings -> About Phone -> Software. Tap the “Build Number” seven times to activate USB Debugging.
  • Step 4) Prepare your Windows PC and make sure you have a working USB cable.


When you have finished rooting your LG G3 D855, you can now try increasing and decreasing the CPU performance of your phone, finally taking care of its lagging and overheating issues. You can also install a few of the recommended root apps for LG, including Resolution Changer Pro, which can adjust the resolution of your screen when you’re playing games.