How to jailbreak iPhone without damaging it?

What is iPhone jailbreaking? To jailbreak iPhone means to free it from all the restrictions imposed on it by Apple. In other words, you will get greater control over your device in order to use it the way you want. This includes the ability to install a variety of apps that are still unapproved by Apple, customize the look of your handset, enhance its functionality, and do many other useful things. Besides, jailbreaking provides truly unique solutions to many problems that manufacturer cannot fix for months and even years.

However, before you do anything with your smartphone, make sure you know about all the risks. Thus, your attempt to jailbreak iPhone on your own may lead to damaging the device without a chance to restore it. The truth is that this process is accompanied by certain risks that may include:

  • void warranty;
  • operating system instability;
  • much shorter battery life;
  • problems with updating iOS;
  • possible malware attack.

The good news is that most of these problems can be solved and risks can be mitigated if jailbreaking is performed by specialists with certain technical knowledge and experience. Only in such a case, the decision to jailbreak your iDevice will open a whole new world of incredible things you can do with your gadget.

Is it possible to jailbreak iPhone 5-7?

No single iOS version works quite the same way. Therefore, before to actually jailbreak your phone, make sure you have checked compatibility and read all the instructions. It is especially important if you want to jailbreak one of the latest iPhones. The fact is that methods and tools of jailbreaking depend on the device’s model and iOS version it is running. For example, it is currently possible to jailbreak iPhone 7, 6, 6S, 5, 5C, 5S, 4, 4S, 3G, 3GS, as well as the original iPhone; however, since each version has its own set of unique features, the process of jailbreaking may differ from phone to phone. It is also one of the reasons why it is better to get this work done by specialists with extensive experience. After all, you don’t want your favorite handset to be irreparably damaged.

At, we know how to jailbreak any iOS version and, therefore, promise you only the best result. Dealing with us means to get all of the benefits offered by jailbroken iDevices without any hassle!

Why you should jailbreak your iPhone

So, your iPhone is jailbroken. What’s next? The first thing you should do is find the new app titled Cydia somewhere on your home screen. This amazing application software is actually a jailbreak alternative to iTunes and App Store that features a whole range of different hacks, extensions, and apps that now can be installed on your iPhone. What benefits does it provide? Some of the most significant include the ability to:

  • make extensive home screen customizations;
  • add better or absolutely new functionality to your device;
  • remove limitations on your data connection;
  • tether to your computer and create a mobile hotspot without paying a fortune;
  • download additional applications unauthorized at Apple App Store;
  • access the file system and modify system files;
  • change wireless providers.

In general, jailbreaking allows you to do with your phone anything you want or like, without any restrictions, thus providing you with unlimited control over your iPhone. What about iPads and other iOS devices? Hasten to assure you that they can be jailbroken too. For any further questions regarding this process, please contact our team of experts. We will be happy to help you get the most out of your device!