12-in-1 Rooting Features

Battery Saver

Analyzes a battery status, identifies existing power consumption problems and provides solutions to extend your battery life.

System Optimizer

Safely removes all junk files and running apps that slow your phone down. It will help to get more free space, decrease energy usage and accelerate your device.

Spyware Detection and Removal

Helps to determine whether your phone has any spying software that can intercept your phone data and steal your credit card details.

Parental Control Setup

Easily restrict an access to the websites and apps you consider dangerous for your child. It can protect your kid from such online dangers as cyberbullying, sexting and online predators.

Popular Apps Installation

Get qualified assistance during the trending apps installation and further configuration process.

Smartphone Assistance

Get an answer to all your questions relating to a phone usage. Our qualified assistants are always ready to provide you with all necessary information about this piece of software usage.

Primary Phone Set-up

Bought a new smartphone? We can easily help you to configure it and remove all unnecessary in-built apps to accelerate your device and extend your battery life.

Firmware Change

You`ve purchased a new piece of software and have difficulties with installation process? We can help you out and set it up.

Disable Firmware Upgrade

Protect your phone from root removing and slowing your phone down. We can stop firmware upgrades and secure the actual software version.


Install Xposed extension to get the most out of your Android phone. It will help to remove all YouTube ads, get Instagram zoom feature, cool video streaming option and much more.

Root Access

Get professional help in optimizing your smartphone root access. Using root access, we can help you to remove all junk files, extend your battery life and accelerate your device.

Phone Restore Guidance

Get rid of a phone malfunction caused by the system upgrade. We will help to back your phone to normal work, saving your time and money.