How to jailbreak iPhone without damaging it?

What is iPhone jailbreaking? To jailbreak iPhone means to free it from all the restrictions imposed on it by Apple. In other words, you will get greater control over your device in order to use it the way you want. This includes the ability to install a variety of apps that are still unapproved by Apple, customize the look of your handset, enhance its functionality, and do many other useful things. Besides, jailbreaking provides truly unique solutions to many problems that manufacturer cannot fix for months and even years.

How to root Android phone or tablet?

We all love Android devices. They are stylish, highly customizable, and can be altered to suit any taste and need. Moreover, there are numerous useful mobile apps in the Google Play Store that can help you organize your life, check your social media account, make online payments, plan events, and even find your love. No wonder, these devices are already an integral part of our life. However, what if we say that you can do so much more? Do you want to have unlimited control over your favorite gadget? It’s now possible! All you actually need to do is to root your Android phone or tablet!