Safe-root is a remote
service of Android rooting
or iOS jailbreaking.

Ask our experts to assist you with Android rooting or iOS jailbreaking and they will help you to get the most of your device via remote control software. Safe-root is there to help you enjoy full capabilities of your phone!

We can assist you with the following:

iOS jaibreaking or Android rooting

With Safe-root you can get the best professional help in rooting/jailbreaking of your device.

Xposed Framework

Installing Xposed Framework on your Android device is easy with Safe-root! Get professional help any time you may need it!

Software that needs rooting

Safe-root professionals will assist you in installing any software, which requires root access.

Unbrick may become the solution

If your device is bricked and all you see is a welcoming screen, lets Safe-root professionals give it a second chance.

Root your device with safe-root